We have pre-built kits for most PASS applications. If you have equipment we have not yet developed a kit for, our dedicated R&D department will custom build a kit to your specific application.

Our kits include


Add-ons and Options

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Automatic Rev Limiter

Replaces the standard manually switched Solid State Relay, allowing automated engine shutoff in over-reving conditions.

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Solenoid Options

We offer 12V and 24V electric solenoids, as well as pneumatic actuation. Solenoid type is dependent on application.

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Speed Sensors

Generates the pulse used by the automatic rev limiter. Usually optional, as most engine PCMs will already produce a usable pulse.

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Quick and easy replacement for a factory hose bead when installation requires the factory intake pipe to be cut. Eliminates the need for expensive re-beading alternatives.

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Reset Extension Handle

Our 32" reset extension handle makes resetting tripped valves in hard to reach places quick and easy, avoiding costly labor times to access the reset knob. Applicable to manual reset models only.

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Valve Status Indicator Kit

The valve status indicator kit was developed to be added onto any valve body, allowing the current status to be read electronically. This is used for several applications, primarily to stop the starter from turning over if the valve is closed.

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Auto Reset Kit

Our Auto Reset kit enables a tripped valve to be automatically reset after engine has stopped. Requires the Automatic Rev Limiter and the In-Cab control add-on.

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In-Cab Control Add-on

Our In-Cab control add-on allows easy access to test and trip buttons from within the comfort of the cab. Our in-cab control panel is both aesthetically pleasing and low profile. Requires the Automatic Rev Limiter.

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To place your order or submit an inquiry, please contact our sales team by email at with any details pertinent to your application.